How to Prepare for Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Unless your lawyer suggests that you be at the hearing office at a particular time, you should get to your disability hearing at leasthalf an hour early. Arriving any earlier is unnecessary despite what your Notice of Hearing may say about coming in early to look at your file. Your Columbus Social Security disability attorney will have previously reviewed your hearing file and it isn’t essential that you review it. Social Security disability hearings generally begin on time, so do not arrive late.

With regard to how you should dress for the hearing, it is not necessary for you to dress up for this occasion as this is an informal hearing. You may wear whatever you are most comfortable in, but just make sure that it is appropriate. Further, these hearings are serious and should not be taken lightly; and accordingly, it is important that you not speak about your case either before or after the hearing in the waiting room, in the hallway or anywhere that a stranger could possibly overhear the conversation. This is important because Social Security workers could misconstrue what you say and get the wrong idea about you.

Additionally, if you carry a cell phone with you to the hearing, please do not forget to turn it off prior to the start of the hearing. If you need the services of a Columbus Social Security disability attorney, please call Eric A. Jones at 614-545-9998 for a free consultation.